“Arlene’s insight and thoughtfulness were a spectacular gift to our organization. She has a unique ability to frame dilemmas and opportunities in a way that helps focus conversations and clarify organizational intent. Arlene also has the gift of active listening, and was able to not only absorb what we were saying but also mirror it back to us in a way that deepened our understanding of our own strengths and opportunities. Every time we work with Arlene, we’re left wanting more!”

Chloe Kline, Education Director,
Community MusicWorks, Providence, RI

I’ve been working with communities and organizations for decades and this I know: despite common challenges, no two are alike. There’s no standard formula for success. There’s no template that fits everyone. Just as with individuals, each group has its own character, strengths, difficulties, aspirations, fears, and quirks. Just as with individuals, to thrive each group must find those factors that enhance well-being and expand possibility. Add in the fluid character of our times—with funding, communications, social conditions, and the organizational landscape constantly morphing—and adopting a cookie-cutter plan becomes even more pointless.

In this climate, making meaningful plans for an organization, community, or business is more like devising a large, collaborative work of art than building something from a blueprint. Interested? Read more.

PSOTUOnce a year, the President delivers the State of the Union address, a broadcast from one to many. But what if we could all speak and listen to each other? What if We the People reflected in our own communities on the condition of our culture and the state of our union? The People’s State of the Union is an invitation to do just that.

Read Part 1 of and part 2 of a great interview by Barry Hessenius: “I loved both of these books and I strongly urge everyone who cares not just about the arts and culture, but the future of our country, to buy them and read them, and better yet, give them as gifts to people they know.”